Photo by @Kevinallendigital
The Beginning…

Welcome to my photography portfolio, where I house all of my creativity including specialty merchandise. I go by the name JonhnyRocket. Here’s my story of how I got started as a photographer and gained a love for the art of photography!
           I was introduced to photography by sheer accident, at the time I didn’t even own a camera. It began in 2015, when I was invited to a baby shower for a close friend, At the event another friend of mines [@eyeGifted] brought his camera to the event, I asked to take a few photos just to see how the camera’s mechanics worked. Then I began to snap a few photos of the crowd and the family. As I kept taking pictures. I noticed how everything was so second nature to me, I was able to interacting with the people while they were engaging in the festivities. I really enjoyed the experience that came with photography that day. I realized a spark for photography was growing in me with every photo I took.
           I didn’t own my own camera then but I knew that photography was something I wanted to get involved in. I’d reach out to borrow [@eyeGifted's] camera from time to time to get more familiar with the mechanics. I didn’t realize the many intricate layers that came with photography at first. My interest and my hunger kept growing, the more I didn’t know the more I wanted to learn. I eventually got my own camera and invested more time into learning the field, most of my early learning was self taught through trial and error. Every experience was a fundamental lesson. I knew if I wanted to really be taken serious to call myself a photographer I had to really invest in myself and perfect the quality of my work. 
           I had to put myself in the field and work to find my way. I wanted to do event photography and freelance at the time. I came across a flyer for a local organization in the area I lived in (Chester, PA). (@TheMisisngPlug) who at the time was working with local talent, the group did media and press coverage for different events around the tristate area and also hosted their own events. The flyer was asking for help from dedicated individuals to join the team and help build the brand. I saw this as a great opportunity to gain the experience I felt like I needed to grow. We met and got straight to work, I've built an excellent relationship and through them I was able to push myself and gain the experience and skills I needed to build my photography portfolio. I stayed focused and kept networking till I began to book my own clients. I finally found something that was for me. I helped create many moments with my clients. I always told myself that one day I would start my own business but I never knew what my lane would be until I stumbled across a digital camera. I had many ups and downs but I never let go of what I felt was important for me to progress. I am truly grateful for all the opportunities and people I've met along the way. The people I've worked with trusted my process and gave me the opportunity to provide a quality service. I’ve worked with many groups, models, and event planners like StarMixers Bartending School, Milano Di Rouge's luxury clothing line, Dope Shows who promote concerts for many top artist, and Boone Premier Real Estate agency just to name a few organizations I've worked with.
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